Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bedtime Rituals with my Princess

Motherhood is altogether a different and a beautiful world!!

Since I am a working mother night time is the time where I can spend quality time with my daughter. As I do not get the whole day to spend with her except for weekends, We both wait for the night time when we are together to have fun and play lots of games.She is 22 months old and she is my world!

Well sleeping is also not a direct task :) some daily rituals:

Bath time: A quick bath or a sponge bath.Since I also have a habit of having a bath before sleeping I have tried to incorporate that in her too. Kids play and wander all day and hence more prone to attract dirt and germs. A hot shower before sleep would reduce their tiredness as well as give them a fresh feeling.Apparently my daughter loves to be in water.

Night suit: My princess loves wearing night suits. She has just started speaking in broken sentences and picks up new words. The moment she sees me removing it from her wardrobe she starts-“night dess” (night dress)

I usually buy cotton material light colors and teddy bear designed night wears. Which she enjoys wearing as its comfortable and soothing.

Diapers: Before getting into the pajamas of night wear it’s time for the quick absorbent PAMPERS. Since she is still young not does not realize the time for loo ,Diapers are a must. Not only it provides a peaceful sleep to her but also no bed sheets and quilts to be washed daily and with Pampers I am quite rest assured as she has never got rashes.

Initially just to test I did try other diapers but she developed rashes due to their material. I guess pampers uses the best and skin friendly material which suits sensitive skins of our babies. Also it has super absorbent material which soaks a huge amount giving you and you baby a super sleep!!

You can find more information about these Diapers here -
With Magic Gel that instantly locks away wetness, Pampers baby dry pants keeps your little one's skin dry and healthy. They're also easy to pull up and down and provides your baby with up to 12 hours of overnight dryness for fresh and happy mornings

Bed time story: My little doll loves books. In fact she is more fond of books than toys. Kids love colors. I have a huge collection of colorful books. I ask her to pick any and I read out the story to her. There are peek-a-boo, lift the flap and touch-n-feel kinds of books that she enjoys.

I have also kept story books which we need to read out to them as it’s for older kids. Although she can’t read now; But I feel daily listening to these wonderful tales they will soon become her favorites when she grows up.

Its Lullaby time: If the story doesn’t puts her to sleep or when she is no mood of listening I just hug her and pat her singing a lullaby which I have been singing right from her birth. So gives a cute smile the moment she hears it.

Last but not the least a sweet hug and a goodnight kiss to sum it up!!