Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Far East Food Hub!!!

Had a super experience while I was in Singapore last year. Had visited my friends.

Had been to Clarke Quay  where there was a food fair.

It is considered one of the happening places in Singapore and specially during weekends with ..pubs..rides..and there are restaurants around the lake..awesome place

Well although I am a vegetarian had friends with us who were sea food lovers. So had been to-Jumbo Sea food which is a famous restaurant here..
They all hogged on chilli crab which is the specialty of that place..

Image credit: google.

famous singapore laksa

A very different experience at Marche. The theme out here is Market Place as it looks like a market. You need to go to individual counters, pick your stuff and pay.
Swiss Rosti is very famous here. It’s a potato item.

Beautiful Sushi.....

 Image credits: Digi cam of my Lovely friend Novena


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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Choose to start..choose to explore the world!!

Priya gets up. It’s not a usual Monday morning. Today is going to be her first day at her new job. Her first job of life. She completed her Engineering and has joined a Multinational IT firm. She was super excited as well as nervous from past one week.

 While brushing her teeth she walks towards her dining table to grab the newspaper, her usual activity as she drags the paper away from the table, a shining box awaits her glare. Well a very cute box neatly gift packed with a small tag:

“To my lovely daughter for her first job :)”

With super excitement she unwraps her gift and her happiness was at peak to see a new smart cell phone.

Her first smart phone- It was a MOTO -E
She just hugs her dad with tears in her eyes. “Dad but why such an expensive gift, its ok I was happy with…”

Her dad cuts her in between, “Sweetheart it’s not very expensive. With minimal budget I have tried to bring you the best! Go enjoy a new world!”

The best part of MOTO-e is its affordable range. The phone ranges from –Rs 6999 onwards in India.

 With her enthusiasm Priya gets ready for her day- Her new MOTO-e just fits in her hand perfectly and leaves for her work. Priya chooses to start a new beginning.

The Moto E (2nd Gen) has a plastic body that feels solid and a curved back that rests nicely in your hand. Motorola also has beautiful edge design giving a place to rest our finger during phone calls
Its lovely compact design of 4.5 inches screen size easily fits into her hand and pocket, making it travel friendly

“Auto” she waves an autowala and gets in guiding him to take her to the metro station. On her way she installs all the apps that she had heard of which are supported by android. She wanted to get connected with friends with all the possible networking sites.

 As she was interested in art and drawing she installed apps which helped her to practice all this without using pencil and colors.
And of course who is not a Candy crush fan:)

 Priya chooses to start exploring the whole new android and play store world!

 My Moto E (2nd Gen) came preloaded with Android 5.0.2 with amazing customized UI for better user experience
Powering the new Moto E (2nd Gen.) is the combination of a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor and 1GB of RAM which makes her love for gaming more maddening having quality graphics and good 3D pictures.

She reaches her workplace and is asked to wait in the break out area. Coffee machines are installed for killing the time ( she rests the phone on the table and sips her coffee.
Comic-coffee n friends

“Hey that’s a pretty smart phone girl. You seemed to be a new joinee?” Priya turns to find couple of gals dressed in formal attire with coffee mugs in their hands. They all were attracted to Priya’s smart white phone.

“Yep it is! My dad has gifted me” Priya smirks.

“Lucky gal! By the way- I am Roshni, she is Puja and she is Devika, We usually hang around together. Why don’t you join us for coffee?”

Priya has new friends within 5 minutes. Her first friends at work. Her phone spoke for her:)

 After a while Priya enters the conference room where she gets introduced to her HR and Manager. She is told about the company ethics and culture and also some briefing about her project. She had realized about a new feature of her first phone and turns her phone silent. Priya chooses to start using the Motorola Assist features

 My Moto E (2nd Gen) came preloaded with Android 5.0.2 with amazing customized UI for better user experience. Motorola does include its custom Moto app that offers Moto Assist, which can automatically silence the phone during sleeping hours and during meetings, it also allows to send auto-replies to missed calls from your favorite contacts.
Motorola Assist recognizes when you shouldn’t be bothered

Priya chooses to start using the MOTO e camera and click some smart selfies with her new friends during the lunch time.

 MOTO E display has good resolution (960×540) and Colors look accurate with perfect  viewing angles. With a 5MP camera with 2592 х 1944 pixels output of picture taken through MOTO E is as good as any high end cameras

 There’s also Moto Actions that can activate the camera from anywhere just by twisting your wrist a couple of times. This works even when the screen is off, and while the camera takes a second to start up, the feature still gets you ready to take a shot pretty quickly.

While working she heard someone mumbling and passing by her workstation
“Oh God where have these guys shifted the charging stand. My battery is almost drained out”.
Priya unlocks her MOTO-e peeps on her home screen. It said 45% remaining 

 Most important part of any smart phone is its battery life and MOTO E has powerful battery of 2390mAh that last’s really long
An all-day battery lets you go farther and longer without stopping to recharge

Priya has a habit of dropping things often. And her first MOTO e was no exception:)

 What shall I say about its IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, it’s a boon for person who easily tends to drop the phone on the ground? IPS screen protects itself from damages, scratches and also withstand screen cracking due to medium impacts with floor or rough surfaces.
The sharpest display in its class. Protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a water-resistant splash guard. Doesn’t let the fear of everyday scratches and splashes stand in your way.

By this time Priya was sure she had the best new smart phone in her hand with which she can choose to start exploring the world in a smarter way.
Well that’s our Priya, who is smart independent and in par with technology. Lets wish her the very best forever!!!

In this busy and  fast moving world I never felt the need for any smart phone and was very satisfied with non-smart phone considering my needs, but off late I strongly realized my view were not true and the need for smart phone is must. Every hangout places are now Wi-Fi enabled and people around me use this facility to best possible extent during our outing. Places and reviews are read online over smart phone and our hangout place is decided. For travelling Google maps are used which are again available on smart phone and we reach the destination without any slippage of time in finding the route.

Apart from above mentioned there are lot more great advantages like banking, funds transfer on the go, E-shopping, Gaming, clicking photos and creating videos of all memorable moments at the go and sharing, storage of data and keeping it safe with drop boxes makes Smart phone most versatile device a common man can have. To make use of above facilities one needs to choose the best smart phone @ reasonable price available in market to cater our common needs such as speed and performance and MOTO E stands out of rest of the competitors considering above points.



 With MOTO E one of best smart phone, is no longer a luxury but is now within reach of common man and makes it part of basic necessities required for modern Gadget Era. Having MOTO E reminds of me of my first abroad visit where I felt on top of the world. I felt rich and there was sense of pride inside me and same is the feeling which I am going through having MOTO E (2nd Generation) in my hand.

I would chose all the above mentioned features which Priya has experienced and apart from that would also love to use my first smart phone for: alarms and reminder, prepare notes, grocery list, check emails and make video calls.

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Comic credits: Bitstrips App
MOTO E Images: Google and PICCOLLAGE App
Stay Happy,

Zuper Saturday!!

Kai” –is this Chinese or Japanese? Well this is how they welcome you when you enter Kidzania. It’s their way of saying “Hi” or “Hello”
What is Kidzania? It’s a world for kids

KidZania is a privately held Mexican company. KidZania is a Mexican chain of family entertainment centers currently operating in 16 locations allowing children to work in adult jobs and earn currency
Citizens of KidZania are called KidZanians. They are comprised of kids aged from 4 to 17 who play key roles in the day-to-day operation of KidZania through the city’s work program. Each job allows KidZanians to learn, earn and better understand how various industries work together to form a functioning economy.

Blogadda invited me to have a day spent at Kidzania with my daughter-Nishka. Although the place is more apt for kids above 4 years but still my daughter had a ball of time.

Below pics will explain more about Kidzania.

The coca-cola factory

The check in stage

My little Picasso :)

Nishka was in the toddler category so she could do toddler activities.

Well imagine your kid shopping at big bazaar :) well she did pick up few vegetables and fruits.


And some manicure at the salon

The Fireman truck was the attraction which went ringing in the entire city. The fire fighters are first trained and explained everything regarding safety from fire. Than they are taken in the truck to extinguish the fire :)


And of course she earned kidZos (KidZania has its own currency. Paper currency is called “kidZos” and coins are called “Zents.” Citizens of the city and its tourists use this money to purchase goods and services at every KidZania location throughout the world.) While performing some activities:

My little DHL courier agent. She successfully picked up parcels from 3 places in 12 minutes :)

And then she participated in fashion show also (unfortunely don’t have pics) where she earned 8 kidZos.
Had an amazing experience.... Thanks to Blogadda and Kidzania

And finally.....The certificate

 “This post is a part of the KidZania bloggers meet activity conducted by BlogAdda and KidZania


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness... In small things!!

Everyone has their own definition for happiness. I feel happiness is the supreme state of mind where your heart and mind both are at peace without any stress.

Happiness is not always luxury or money related. Happiness can be found in small small things around us. And in fact these small things gives us the best of reasons to smile and cherish our life!

There are many such things which bring smile to my face. Listed below are just few of them.

Every beautiful day brings along with it a reason to smile, a reason to rejoice. A reason to be Happy!

Happiness for me is doing what I love: Painting and craft. From childhood I am very much inclined towards creativity. When I sit to paint I just miss to look at the watch. I can sit for hours with my color palette:)

Drawing and painting just takes me to a different level. Its like meditation. Going deep within forgetting the external world.

Happiness for me is loads of smiles. They happen to just keep coming when I am with my best of people. My family my friends my cousins!!! Being together is one of the best feeling. Togetherness spreads love and happiness. My family is my biggest support system and also my best wisher. I can just be myself with family and friends.

Happiness for me is playing with my 2 year old angel! She is my best gift from God. Since I am a working momma i just love spending my weekends with her. Her innocent smile is just so contagious you just cannot escape. When she is with me I forget all my personal stress and tensions. Its just her! All the priorities collapse in front of her. Her happiness is my happiness.


Happiness for me is helping people. Service to mankind is service to God. Its so true. When you serve needy people it just feels you are getting closer to the Almighty! I feel a different pleasure in helping other. When their work is done with my support and the blessings that they shower are just priceless.

Happiness for me is to dance and listen to music. Dancing is just the best stress buster. I am a trained classical dancer but can just enjoy myself with any dance forms :)

Happiness is Dancing in rain! Just leave the shoes and raincoats away and enjoy the rains just as the kids do!

Happiness to me is cooking food for others and serving them with love. My husband being a foodie inspired me to try out new dishes and he just waits what I shall prepare next!

Cooking is surely an art. But I enjoy cooking so its never a task for me.

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Stay Happy Guys!

Ruchita :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Together we will just sail through….

Year 2009 was not a great year for IT. Layoffs and non- retentions. That’s all we could hear. Sticking to your existing job was not easy. Every where the atmosphere seemed tense. You never know what will happen when?

It was February 2009 and I was getting married in May same year. Excitement was in the air! Was getting married to a close friend. We worked for same IT firm. Knew each other from almost a year and with agreements from parents we were about to tie knots in few months.

An email enters my inbox one Monday afternoon. Subject-“Kindly assemble in the Conference Hall by evening 6:30pm”. Well it was not a new subject line. This was the third time these kinds of emails were circulated in the company. And the reason being loss in the IT industry. Had come to know from sources the earlier crowd that had gathered was informed that their salary would be reduced to half and they need to work only 15 days in a month. So a fair deal actually, you work for half month and you get half salary! But who wants that?

My watery eyes glued to my monitor. Why me? Yes this is the question we always ask GOD when we are in trouble. I just didn’t understand what to do next. How to react? Just wanted to cry.

I pinged my would be hubby and demanded to meet ASAP. Well being in same office that’s not toughJWe were just few floors away. The moment he saw the email. He understood it all. He just signaled me to move out of office. In next few minutes we were in his car and drove towards the beach side.

Till we reached there I was not able to speak a word. But he made me understand it’s not a big deal and it’s not the end of the world! Life is so beautiful and we all get chances.
He said-“Be positive and optimistic -at least the job is secured. It’s just the salary that has reduced. But look at the sunny side- you just need to go to work for 15 days. Rest 15 days if the month you can utilize to find a new job or shop for our wedding” (Well that sounded interesting:)), you can spend more time with your family before your wedding. With office you just get the weekends. Now you can be with your mom and cherish these memories later”

Well few sentences, but quite practical. Brought a small smile on my face :)
Juhu beach is our favorite place. Just sitting on the sand and watch the waves come and settle at the shore. Wow! What a sight. He cracked all kinds of funny jokes and revisited out memories to make me smile and forget my tears.

Of course we had my favorite Gola (Gola is the crushed ice lollipop dipped in sweet flavored syrups. Quite famous in Western part of India)
What would I be doing if I was alone? Would be just sitting in a corner sobbing and cursing fate. But Ankit (My husband) changed my outlook towards what comes in your way. He believes in total optimism. A practical living. Life is not always a piece of cake. But we can definitely survive without cakes J

Just being #together helped me cope up with the monetary loss that I wasn’t ready to accept easily.Family and loved ones are just not replaceable. I wonder what would we do without their love and support.

Within a week Ankit scanned all his contacts and scheduled interviews for me at multiple places! Wasn’t that super?
And worth mentioning. I got a job in another month:)

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Cheers- stay together!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bold Steps,Bold Results!!

Owning a car nowadays is not uncommon. There were times it was considered as a luxury. But definitely it is still a luxury for many few. Year- 2010, Got married to my best friend in May. Married life was not smooth. Not that we both had issues but my mother in law was fighting cancer. Yes she was diagnosed with brain tumor in April same year. By the time it was August we had exhausted almost all our savings in her treatment and the earned salary was also not saved. Chemotherapies and radiations not only tear the patient apart but also your pockets.
Due to brain area being affected she was losing her strength to think rational. She always wanted to go out of the house. How is it possible always? In sun, rain, traffic to take a cancer patient out and make her roam. A bold decision had to be made- to buy a car. We knew we didn’t have that much money. EMI’s would not be an easy task. But not that we had to but we wanted to do it. For our mother!

There were many doctors’ bills which were pending. Every chemo demanded 30k and there were quite a few cycles. Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Reiki and touch therapies. We were doing it all. We wanted her to be with us. How can we see her dying? How can we let her die? We took all the bold steps required to treat her and give her happiness.

She was dying and we wanted to fulfill all her wishes. I was planning to quit my job and stay at home to take care of her. But with the bold move of buying a car changed our minds.ofcourse car-loans are a boon. But we also have to repay the bank every month. But we decided that we will somehow manage. I changed my job. Took up a better job. It was far from home but paid me well. Had a tough time managing home, Mother in Law and work.

But as we say a bold step is not always easy. And that is the reason it is called BOLD. We need lot of guts to face the consequences. Be it good or bad.
We bought a brand new blue WagonR. And needless to say the happiness we saw on her face was priceless.

This car not only brought a big change in our life but also fulfilled on of the dreams of my mother in law to have a brand new car and enjoy the city rides. Reading this some of you may feel that buying a car is not a big deal these days. But where every penny counts it surely does matter!

Every weekend we used to take her to some religious places in and around Mumbai. She could enjoy the peaceful ride without getting exposed to heat or noise pollution. She was very delighted. And so were we.
Trust me a bold step taken for someone else always gives immense pleasure and contentment.Life is all about giving. What you give comes back to you. 10 times multiplied:)


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Friday, March 6, 2015

Optimism: Glass is never half empty, It is always half full!!

Its not an easy job to keep your little baby with your parents and go to work.Well its what almost many of us in a metro go throught. When both husband and wife re IT professionals there is not much room for the mother to quit the job and stay at home.
Its not always about career. but let us also consider the economy chart. Prices are hiking everyday and have reached heights.Not easy to raise children I say.Sometimes life is so sad you just want to quit your work, your life and stay alone and not face any challenges.

To keep my daughter at my mom's house i travel 12 km everyday from home. Drop her and travel 6 km again to work. And same path while return in evening. Many days life feels so stressed out.

What happens when I get back home tired,stressed and just not fine.My 2 year daughter looks at me entering the house and screams” Mom is back! mom is back!”
Imagine the happiness she has. For she knows I go to work for almost 8-9 hours leaving her with 2 hours of her play school and rest of the time with her grandma that my mother.

All my stress just vapourises.I feel like coming to life again with same enthusiasm and high spirits that I can sense in my daughter. He face full of innocence and her arms hugging me..full of love and compassion!!

This moment, this very moment, my optimism is at its highest peak!!
The quality time that I spend with her just make me forget my office worries or any other tensions running in my brain.
Life just seems so beautiful!!

Weekends are the what I and my husband wait for. Not only its a break from work but its a bonding time with our lil daughter.
I enjoying being with her whole day. Her innocence at looking at bubbles during bath time, the questions about birds that keep chirping, the color of the street dogs and what not.

These all special moments are just amazing to cherish.Her laughter her voice and her small hugs are just so pure form of love. It makes you believe in Love God and the creator.
Its so true, a child just fills the house with so much positivity and pure vibes. SInce they are the most purest creatures of God.

When she doesn't see me around for quite a time. She starts hunting the house”mama, mama, where are you”Who would not like someone caring for you so much that can't stay without you.

Saturday evenings are -park time or play time.It just gives me super pleasire to watch her and her daday play in the park. Play peek a boo. Run after each other trying to catch.She wants her daddy to raise her high above and than hold her She is so confident that my father wlll not drop me.
My family completes me. I feel my optimism just comes from being with them. Cherishing all small small things may be an -ice cream or a candy floss. :)

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Happy Living, Be positive: