Saturday, November 29, 2014

Bolega INDIA..Tabhi toh aage badhega INDIA!!!

This post is written for #AbMontuBolega is a campaign by Strepsils. ( Facebook and Twitter) 

Does only your home require cleaning? Think about it! Isn't India our larger home and we all have some duties towards keeping it clean and green. When we can clean our homes cant we all get together and clean our own beautiful country? Certainly we can.

#AbMontuBolega campaign tells you not to be a silent spectator. Raise your voice and make a difference. Just don't go with the flow even when you think the flow is not going right.

Check out Montu's video here. I am sure many of can relate to it. There are many a times we avoid raising our voices and share our opinions. What we think just resides in our minds and does not pop out. Montu is subsided right from the time he is a kid. First his parents, than friends,girlfriend and finally the boss. Every time he has a word people just ignore him and he has no other option but to be quite.But finally he realizes "Bin bole ab nahi chalega"(it wont working without speaking now)
He pops a strepsils and conveys his message quite confidently and strongly:)
Its a wonderful video and message is conveyed to us in a very simple and smart way. There is certainly a poitn in life where we just need to keep out foot down and raise our voice up.

We all want India to progress. We all want it to be a developed country and not a developing country. Than we as responsible citizens of India should get together and work towards this mission. The very most topic where India lags behind some developed nation would be cleanliness.We have talented youth, amazing farming, rich hermitage,diversified culture,values and much more...
Than why not clean roads? Are we so weak at infrastructure? Not really. We have best of mechanical and civil staff. But what matters is maintenance of such infrastructure. 

While we all feel like contributing towards "SwachBharat" abhiyan, how much of it did we actually do? Clean up India is not a one time activity. It just does not happen one sunday morning when we wake up take a mop and walk down the streets cleaning away some paper garbage or dried leaves.Its actually a continuous process and should happen daily.
How many of us have encountered the below:

Its a 100% hand raise.right? All of us pass by such dirty brown saliva spots in our daily walk across the place.Would we like the walls of our homes in such a condition? Than why do we allow people to dirty walls of out nation!!

Why cant we stop it. If we find any one spitting we should raise our voice. Stop him.Tell him would he like this dirt in his home?
Some possible actions every Indian can take:
  • Embarrass the spitter in public
  • Take his address and promise him we would land there with tons of garbage to dirty his home :)
  • Ask him to get a water bottle and clean up the mess he just made.
  • Get a pan/gutkha and spit it back on his clothes..(Give him a run for his home to change over:))
Above bullet points sound and seem funny!! Maybe? or maybe not!! Have we ever tried it? Have we ever taken charge to stop these spitters who make the white all red!! 
Lets do it than........There are places that need cleaning, people who deserve your attention & authorities who need to hear your opinions! 

We know that raising our voices against all that is dirty in our country is a power that we all have. Let’s exercise the power of our voice & work towards a Swach Bharat

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So next time you find your rickshaw-wala spitting on road, spat him back!!!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Play and Win!! Get lucky!!

My personal opinion on video games- time pass or rather waste of time. The moment you get hooked up to a video game you just don't want to leave it till you clear each stage and move higher.

So I personally don't play any games as it makes me forget all my work lined up for the day :)

But what if you play and win,you just don't clear a stage but earn amazing prizes that would just make your life more happy!!Luxurious Holidays and huge cash prizes to be won!!

Fat Cat Gaming comes up with such a concept -Lucky 6.

Installing the game was very easy.Just need to log in and start playing.

(P.S :Below are the snapshots taken from my own mobile after installing the app)

This is how you start :

1. Create a account,log in and select select six brands of their preference every day, a ticket     gets created under your account.

2. Check your score

3. If those six brands stocks perform the best for that day the gamer gets points and he is         the Lucky one!!.

4. Cherry on Icing-SHARE!!! Sharing with your friends increases your chances of winning.         And the best part is... even if they win, you still win!
    Since the game is so much fun and the jackpots so big, your friends will thank you for           turning them onto Fat Cat

This gaming app launches in India. India has the biggest youth population and who are more attracted to such mobile games and apps.India is would surely prove a good choice.

A business that can scale very easily... starting in India, then Latin America, China and beyond. An opportunity where potential return on investment is immense

This is surely a revolution!! Traditional lottery replaced by just few clicks on your mobile :)

I feel its really worth a try. As it is there is no loss involved!! A few selections and la you are done.


Nursery rhymes-your toddler times best friend!!

Two most memorable aspects of childhood: Nursery rhymes and Grandma’s bedtime stories J

Some rhymes are definitely very special and dear to us whose memories are embedded in our brains right from the time we actually didn't know what rhymes actual mean.

Baa Baa black sheep:

I am from a Gujarati family, where we address our grand moms as “Baa”. I remember when I was a kid and if I had to call my grandmother or if someone asked me to call her, I used to say- “Baa,Baa”-Black sheep J (used to call out her name twice not once just to fit it in the poem phrase.. lol)

Not  knowing what it really meant!! But yes family around me used to have a hearty laugh.

Now when I look back it surely gives me a super smile J

Twinkle Twinkle

This is an old time classic!! I am sure favorite amongst all the toddlers and so easy to say it with actions!

Be it a family function, party or a wedding. I remember very faintly that I used to gather a small crowd and start singing-
“Twinke Twinkle little star,How I wonder what you are?”

Up above the world so high- ( During this line I force all of them to look up at the sky J..hahaha to check out some twinkling stars)

Like a diamond in the sky!! (making a diamond by joining 2 thumbs and index finger of  hands)

It was super fun to recite all the poems taught by elders or teachers.Today's tech-savvy world has given a whole range of rhymes with animations.Kids love to see these videos and enjoy the poems with actions and cartoon animation.

One such super range is by t-series- KidsHut

My 1.5 yrs old daughter enjoys every video from these!!! :):)

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fall...God's awesome color palatte

Hello friends,

Have made this colorful card which gives us glimpse of the ...Fall!!!
Cant experience much of it in Mumbai though.But I have to say that the colors of the fall are so vibrant and beautiful that you cant remove your sight from it.

Below are the pics.. Maple leaves are handmade and also the tag.

Entering into below challenge:

 Beyond Grey Challenges #62, fall theme
The Card Concept #22 Thank 'fall'(free style collage)
The Pink Elephant TPE275