Wednesday, April 26, 2017

TINKLE Goody Box-Review

Remember Shikari Shambu and Suppandi…Our favourite childhood companions!!
In the world of non-gadgets and social networking we as children used to dive in the sea of our fiction characters. Thanks to our dear comic TINKLE J

Amar Chitra Katha this time has come up with a unique concept called “TINKLE BUDDY BOX”
It’s a magical fun box for children which will engage them for hours giving a run to the mobile games and videos.
A one-of-a-kind activity box, aimed at giving children ages six and up an exciting way to spend their summer holidays.

Dubbed the Tinkle Buddy Box, it contains a combination of games, puzzles, do-it-yourself arts and crafts, exclusive merchandise and a whole gamut of Tinkle stories
The Tinkle Buddy Box contains a never-seen-before

Tinkle board game which features all-time favorite Tinkle characters where one can take a trip across the Tinkle-verse

108- Piece jigsaw puzzle, starring the legendary Shambu, and a Tinkle card game, featuring Tinkle's most popular characters, Suppandi, Shambu and Tantri, which is all about quick reflexes

Tinkle card game 
Exclusive Tinkle merchandise which include four Tinkle button badges, featuring old stalwarts like Suppandi and Shambu and newer Tinkle players like Wingstar and the Defective Detectives

DIY art projects and two mega Tinkle books.
An easy-to-assemble Suppandi Auto rickshaw that kids have to color in, and a foldable Tinkle paper plane that should be a lot of fun to fly

My daughter was very happy to see this colorful box. She is just 4 but enjoyed the board game and the DIY art.
I feel it’s a boon for parents who want to get rid of TV/Cell phones. We as parents should encourage our children to get involved in activities and reading. Remember our childhood! How adventurous and playful it was!Let us introduce our kids to the same world of excitement.
I am reviewing this box on for Amar Chitra Katha.

According to Tinkle brand head, Shriya Ghate"Tinkle has always been about learning with fun, and the Tinkle Buddy Box is a logical progression of this philosophy. The Tinkle Buddy Box will be a fun and exciting alternative to the endless television, mobile and computer screens the modern Indian child is surrounded with, and will be the perfect companion for kids during the summer holidays."

The Tinkle Buddy Box is priced at INR 1500 but will be available at a special discounted introductory price of INR 1199 on It will also be available on major e-commerce websites and leading stores across the country.

Happy Playing with kids!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Change your thoughts for a Better Tomorrow

Slosh! Swoosh!! 
Arre Deva, this girl doesn’t understand. Laxmi gets up pattingher last chapatti on the hot earthen tava which was capturing the fire from the clay stove.
The backyard of a small house is filled with soapy water flowing into a thin stream and then vanishing in the hard mud ground.
Aai, I hate to wash these clothes. Whole day you make me work! When will I get time to study?
Screamed Madhavi clearing some hair strands in front of her forehead with soapy hands.
This wasn’t anything unusual between Madhavi and Laxmi. Madhavi is Laxmi’s 16 year daughter who hates household chores like most of the teenage gals. But her dislike is for a cause. She wants some time off for herself to indulge in studies. She is far away from world of WhatsApp and internet.
Where would she get so much facility and a budget for ANDROID phone in a small village Morochi which is in Satara District of Maharashtra?
Her father was a poor farmer and mother a simple home-maker. They could barely afford two meals in a day. But Madhavi was very determined. She was born with big goals and a broader vision. She did not believe that a woman’s life is created just to start at her parent’s home with loads of work and no respect, and then move towards another completely unknown home and strangers and listen to them without raising your voice.
Although society is turning modern and women are competing with men, still in the most remote part of our countries these ideas are not yet freely welcomed.
Madhavi wanted to go to school and study and not just live life aimlessly.

“Oh! So you want to study? And then who will help me do all this work? And what will your in-laws say to us? That we didn’t teach you cooking and home making! Is that you want? To give chance to the society to blame your Baba and me? Laxmi’s eyes started turning moist which almost shone in the basking sun.
Aai please don’t start again. Trust me I have no intentions to let you all down in front of any one. I just want to study and stand on my feet. And I thought that would make you guys proud and not defeated.” Madhavi consoled her disheartened mother.
Laxmi wasn’t convinced she said “But Beta why you want to study. We don’t have enough funds for your education. Also our community does not encourage women to go out and wok in offices. Do you think it’s simple?”

“I know it’s not simple. But it’s not impossible. I will work hard Aai and obtain scholarships and study. You want to know why? Because we do not have any good schools in our village. And that is the reason no one wants to study from our village. The school is few miles away and winter and monsoons are hindrances to the school going children. I do not want that to happen.
I am not denying that women should skip all household work and not take care of the house. But also feel strongly that we have the right to study and shape our lives”
Madhavi had a twinkle in her eye as she was explaining this to Laxmi.
Laxmi could see the spark in her daughter. Some where she know GOD had gifted her a very ambitious and bold daughter. She was indeed proud of her. She decided to talk to her husband and send Madhavi to a good school in a town nearby.
She pulled Madhavi close to her and whispered something kissing her forehead. Her words were indeed the biggest strength for her daughter.
“I am proud of you child and I am sure you are here to make A Better Tomorrow”


This story is written as a part of contest at my work place for International Women's day celebrations!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Its The Sun's Birthday!!

“I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at Blogadda in association with Colgate.

Blogadda had this unique activity of involving kids in story telling! Kids are best at it. They have the wildest imaginations and super logicJ

When the hamper arrived I knew my 4 year old daughter-Nishka would be super excited to start on.

Colgate hamper consisted of 3 toothpastes packages which need to be open wide and cut the space characters that were printed on the inner side of the wrapper.

I briefed Nishka that every day Mumma tells you stores but today you have to tell me stories. She was quite excited.

“But Mumma whose story should I tell you? The princess story or the Jungle book?”

I smiled and said it’s all different. I shall give you characters and you tell me story!

And she happily agreed.

 She started cutting the pieces with me.

Than we placed the characters all together.

Nishka just enjoyed her Birthday on March 5. So she was all in Birthday mood!
She told me my story is about SUN’S Birthday Party!!
I have got invitation from space – to celebrate Birthday Party of the Sun,.

I told her “Mumma is scared to send Nishka alone, so will send with her 12 year old  brother krish.”

She said ok we both will go in spaceship.

And than she was just on and on with her imaginations J
Nishka and brother Krish landed and met the Sun. We wished him “happy birthday.” There were other planets also Saturn, Jupiter who had come for this party. 

My school friend Rehaan has also come in his own cute spaceship (there is a small boy in a spaceship).

All were having fun, singing happy birthday song and dancing on
“Wheels on the bus go round and round..”

Suddenly there was sound and everyone was worried .UFO had come . I was scared and hide myself behind the comet. Some people got down from the UFO. The leader of them Mr. Green said that I live in Mars. Krish explained Ok so you are Alien who lives in Mars the second planet of our solar system. Krish had studied solar system recently in his school. 

“Mumma I was not very scared of the Aliens because Teacher has taught us that we all need to be friends and live together”
“We all had cake,chips,pasta and lemonade. Mr Sun also gave us lots of return gifts. 
All had party together. “

“Later it was time to come I said bye to all and came back to you”

Nishka happy with birthday party and took a selfie with everyone.