Friday, January 30, 2015

Journey from OR to AND

Going back to my Engineering Electronics class.The AND OR GATE. The logic that applies to both of them is different and so it gives different outputs.
Didn't know at that time that such logics would be endeavoured in real life.

Life is always full of choices. A basket full of AND,OR logic Gates. :) And trust me its not always easy as a “0” or “1” as an input or output.

Some 22 months back my short bio data would be read as below:

Status: Married
Qualification:  Computer Engineer along with MBA in IT & Systems.
Profile: 9 years of rich IT experience.
No of Children : 1 (just born)
Problem : Choose the OR gate or AND gate.
Reason : No one to take care of the baby and heart is not in favor of DAY CARE.

Well a very common and the most difficult situation faced by most of the working class ladies today.
What to do after baby?Should I continue to work or not.

I could take care of the baby OR continue my work.

I could find some alternative AND continue my work.

My OR,AND situation:

Either I could be a good mother OR a good IT professional.

I thought: Why couldn't I be a good mother AND a good IR professional.

I preferred the AND and made a choice. Did Not compromise on any 1. but battled for both.

Most of the working women leave their kids home with in laws.My mother-in-law passed away some 4 years back and my father in law is working.So that option was ruled out.
I stay at Mumbai-Sion. My mom’s house is Vile parle. Some 12 kms apart. I work at Andheri sakinaka.Some 7 odd km from my mom’s place.
So here was the choice. I need to travel all these kms in order to survive my working career and also give a homely feeling to my little one.
Maternity leaves get over in 6 months. And so here I take a deep breath and pick my bag and kid to drop her at my mom’s place. After that I leave for my office.
The return journey is the same. Pick her up and head back to sion. Phew!! What a day!!
And this continues for 5 days a week.Imagine :)
But I survived. Yes i did! And I thank my stars for it. My daughter is 22 months old now and completely used to travelling and enjoying her stay at Nani’s house in day time and is excited to meet her dad and grandpa at night.

I wasn't very comfortable dropping her with maid or any day care centre. Not to doubt or comment that they are not good options. But my heart refused to do so.I am grateful to my mom who has helped me in every phase of my life and also today during the most difficult situation.
She didn't want my education to just go down the drain and wanted me to continue my work and be independent and confident always.

A woman always gets lot of tough choices in her life span. Her choices are always the riskier, difficult and life changing events. But she survives. She always turns out to be a winner.
Just because she has all the faith in herself.She proves to be a super hero always; be it --
A daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law,a mother!!!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

PIMPLES : Are they Poppers, Peepers or Creepers?

Your eyes glued to the lappie screen, just about to start adding your favorite item in the cart and yo, pops up an ad window!! An unwanted popper…….

How do you feel? Just want to get rid of it. Right?

Exactly is the case of this unwanted Pimple :( Just a pop up window on a computer screen which spoils everything and disturbs the current flow.

Girls hostel!!! Can think of obvious stuff? One of them... boys peeping from the walls just in-case they can get a sneak peek of something :)
And girls hate that( or rather love that within ourselves.. its a feeling of due importance)

Just how your tiny pimple peeps from the corner of your cheek.

Hows it when mice creeps in your kitchen to nibble away your tomatoes and fruits from the basket. How disgusting!! Isn't it?

Pimple are no less than creepers who quietly creeps in when no one is watching and spoils the show.

Story of Timple:

Timple is a jolly and happy gal who is Simple Simple Simple!!
She woke up one morning, just to find a Pimple, Pimple Pimple!!

Timple is cursing her day:

Its my best friend’s wedding and I have spent hours yesterday in the parlor.And this is how I am going to look???

Oh GOD only if I could get rid of this unwanted pimple from my nose!

Lots of foundation on the nose to hide the popper, Timple surely attends the wedding and has fun. But would have been merrier if no PIMPLE!!!

Timple is a jolly and happy gal who is Simple Simple Simple !!
she woke up one morning, just to find a Pimple, Pimple Pimple!!

Timple is again cursing her day:

Its my Birthday today and this moron PIMPLE is staring at me back to wish me!!!

Oh GOD only if I could get rid of this unwanted pimple from my cheek!

Girls are always more conscience for their looks than guys. After all all the guys who are gonna look at girls :)
An occasion at doorstep and morning alarm of pimple is very scary.And apparently nothing cures pimples in such a short duration. It takes its sweet time to go.

Occasion or no occasion , Pimples are just not welcome. Why do we need them? They just spoil the looks,maybe give pain at times if they burst and makes the skin all shady and spotty.

Unfortunately when they burst they spread germs around that area making it more prone to erupt further more pimples.

My skin is not much pimple prone but occasionally a creeper creeps in :). Hence started using GARNIER Pure Active NEEM FACE WASH.

*Above pics are taken by me :)

And to my surprise, its really an amazing face wash. I have a dry skin but it just suited my skin perfect.
Its been 2 weeks I am using it daily and touch wood, no pimples and a better glowing face.

Its a mild face wash with gentleness for the skin.

Say goodbye to Pimples; Thanks to Garnier:

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stay Healthy..Stay Happy!!!

A very old but true saying-”Health is Wealth”. It applies to one and all. And specially to the kids.As kids are totally dependent on their parents and when unwell they just demand more attention and pampering.
Most common attacks for babies- cold,viral fever and motion problems.With these bacteria present in air always it gets little difficult to avoid any illness.

Some personal experience to share:

It was my daughter’s first birthday and she had a running nose :(

All she wanted was to cling to me and not eat or drink anything. She was very irritated with her cold and probably headache. But toddlers can't express themselves as they can't talk.

From past 2 months I was very excited for her birthday and wanted to invite friends and their babies of her age and keep a small mother-toddler party so they all can enjoy.

Well we sure did have a party,everyone had loads of fun but my poor princess was just not in her right mood.And since she was unwell everyone in the house was not completely enjoying as she used to cry at times or just want to sleep in my lap and even refuse to go to her dad or other family members.

Even we don't like to celebrate or enjoy if our kid is in bad shape and unhealthy. Hence health always comes first.Would she had been in her best of spirits ,I am sure we would have more lovely memories in our minds for such special day.

When children are unhealthy and keep falling sick often, members in the house get more worried. because a unhealthy child loses all its charm and cheerfulness. Would not like to play and run around. And who likes a quiet child?

We all like cheerful, little mischievous and happy children. Who are just running about in the house, playing, dancing and showering loads of smiles and laughter.

Its so said “ Bacho ki hassi se ghar mahekta hai” ( with the laughter of kids in the house, the entire house brightens up and is full of life)

We all need some strong ayurvedic medicines for our children to bring their immune system up and not too prone to viral attacks. I don't believe much in allopathy medicines as after all they are not natural and contain many chemical formulations which might not be very suitable at such a young age.

Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old method of living and healing.Ayurveda is free from side effects and is 100% Natural. Our country has always been rich in ayurvedic plants and weeds. Sages in old times treated people with ayurvedic herbs.

Dabur is one of the most ancient name in Ayurveda!!

Get 3X Immunity with Dabur Chyawanprash.
At a time when germs like bacteria and viruses are everywhere, your immunity system needs strengthening to be able to cope with various infections and diseases. Chyawanprash, a time-tested, age-old formulation has a number of herbs like Amla, known to be one of the best antioxidants, Giloy (Guduchi), known to have immuno-modulatory properties, and has more than 40 other natural ingredients
Dabur Chyawanprash has anti-oxidant properties and helps to strengthen your body's internal defence mechanism - the immune system - thereby protecting you from day to day infections such as cough, cold etc.

Dabur Chyawanprash’s magnificent brew of Ayurvedic herbs strengthens the body’s natural defence mechanism by stimulating your NK cells* (Natural Killer Cells). NK cells assist in fighting with virus and bacteria in your body, thus giving us increased immunity from various infections


Monday, January 19, 2015

Laundry is not always my job!!

“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”

Its a very interesting campaign. We have some statistics below

I come under category of working women where I also believe I have 2 jobs. One at office and one at home.Apparently for Laundry I have a maid who washes our clothes.

But apart from washing, what to wash, colored clothes separate from white and light clothes and post washing send them for iron and other clothes to be kept in back at their place.

So laundry is indeed a task! So i have to be involved in the task, may be more strongly on weekends as weekdays is a tora-tora ride as I also have a 22 months old princess :)

But where did it all start. I guess we all have grown up watching our moms wash the clothes or at least be a part of this washing in case the maid washes it. And similarly all the boys have in built the same picture in their minds. They would just not believe that they need to wash clothes.
Its not the case globally. Most places abroad work on the concept of coin laundry machines. Where machines are all lined up, you put in coin and it starts washing your clothes. You will till it gets washed and dried. A sneak peek at such places and you are surely to see a mix crowd. Men and women both waiting for the laundry to get over.

The statistics clearly show us that men rely on women for washing clothes.
Its a high time that we need to break such myths that Laundry is just not Men’s cup of tea.

Than if we go by above statistics, have a look at below picture.Why do we have DHOBIS and not a DHOBI-WALI. We have all men at work in a dhobi ghat. Is it because doing so, they run their houses. Its a mean of livelihood for them. Than why not at home?

Why do men feel ashamed when asked to wash clothes. So is the Indian culture. Where they have pre defined roles for both the genders. MEN to go out and earn. Women to stay at home and finish all the household chores.

But times have changed, Women has also started going out to earn to support her man and have a better life and raise kids and build their better future.So that means the job of earning has almost got divided.

Than why not divide the job at home? But guess that's how Indian men have grown up.Men totally depend on women for their laundry. Below video by Ariel is a perfect example of this.

I am lucky to have a husband who does not believe that I am only responsible for laundry and he readily helps in all the washing and even our baby’s clothes or nappies!!

I completely believe that Laundry is not woman’s job alone!!