Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Just...Add to CART :)

A Hindi excerpt from busiest shopping streets of Mumbai: “ Arre bhaiya,400 rupaiya…yeh toh bahut zaada hai,150 main milta hai..dena hai toh do”(I ll take it for 150, everywhere we get it for same price, I ll take it only for 150;Give if you want to give). Buyers quote some of these lines and start walking away from the shop not leaving the shopkeeper perplexed,but making him run behind you to crack the best deal!!
It happens at most of the places J

People just bargain and bargain. It’s because the sellers always quote a price which is higher than the usual.
Or rather much higher at times.
But with this busy life and tight schedules and certain deadline to match up; people are less interested spending time doing bargains and run from shop to shop.
And then enters something into our lives which act as a savior from street shopping, crowded malls, parking issues while shopping, etc etc.

E-commerce ---The Online world!!

Yes online shopping. Who had imagined we would start buying sitting in front of a our lappies or comps and order stuff without even inspecting it by holding in our hands J
But yes it’s very convenient and the chances of the website cheating on you is very minimal, as reputation is at stake and with more and more youth being attracted to online shopping they cannot afford to degrade themselves. Also what’s more interesting is that they have lucrative offers and combos that just keep flashing on their homepage. You are bound to click on at least one such pop up.

Addition to offers and discounts a new scheme- cash back. Get money back for things you buy.WOW!! Sounds a steal .isn’t it? Who would give you few bucks back? But yes these online shopping sites do it. But many a times the prices have been raised and then you get something back. Sounds deal? J Yes for the sellers...Not for the buyers

Add a product to you shopping cart and proceed for payment. Enter shipping details and what do you find on next page. A small textbox asking you to enter coupon or coupon code. What’s this? A code usually aired by them which helps you to get certain discount on your total purchase. And it works!! Yep it certainly does giving minimum of 20-30% flat discount.And these coupons are so widely published these days..Its quite easy to grab one.

Online shopping: A very convenient and easy way to shop. And with so many websites you have multiple options and comparisons. Find the same product everywhere and the site that quotes the least price gets maximum additions to its shopping cartJ

So just login and keep shopping!!! :):)

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