Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Healthy baby-represents a Super Healthy Family!!

A child is considered GOD’s own incarnation and so when a baby enters a home, the entire house is on toes to greet the baby!! So imagine what happens if this most important member of the house falls sick and is in no mood to be happy!!

A few glimpses:

“Arre shantabai, what are you doing? That corner in left is yet to be cleaned….do it properly or give me the broom, I will do it!! You start climbing the ladder and there comes the scream of your little one demanding you to carry her and be with her leaving all your work.

My nose is running and dropping and I am sneezing

Come to me momma, I am sick :(

And you are left with no choice but just to think – “Phew!! Diwali is just around, when I will clean the house, all is in mess”


“Hey how about taking the kiddos to garden today and then end it up with a yummy dinner” A message pops in your Whatsapp group-“Marvelous Moms”. You are super excited for a play date and start getting ready...and your baby clings to you, you caress and hug her just to find her body warmer than usual!!

The mercury in the thermometer shoots up and so does your brains!!

Kiddos are so cranky while fever, you don’t even get time to reply back to your friends. The moment you take your cell phone to send a “can’t make it today” message, you baby is crying-

The heat is burning my body and I feel so low

Come to me momma, I am sick :(


Lot of guests, sweets, flowers, decorations and family giggles!! Marks the presence of an event which is close to all- Engagement ceremony of my brother. I am super excited, enjoying, welcoming guests, all decked up in saree and jewellery. And suddenly find my little daughter crying and coming to me. She takes me to a room to show where unfortunately she vomited. Making her drink water prompted more of it and she went all hanky panky.

My stomach aches and throat burns,

Come to me momma, I am sick :(

Everyone in the house worried. A clear indication of food poisoning :(

The entire mood for ceremony had fallen apart and everyone was concerned for the poor kid.

Imagine what a stat the entire house would be!!


A healthy child definitely makes the home feel healthy. With their tender age and not much of immunity they are more quickly prone to get attacked by virus and unhealthy environment.

As parents I guess we should try and build up their immune system and make it strong to fight against such odds.

AYURVEDA- The most ancient (about 2,500-year-old) and efficient methods of cure!!! And how well has DABUR introduced the special ingredients in the very legacy product- Chyawanprash.

Two spoons a day--

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