Monday, June 15, 2015

Music and Dance with MaxFresh

Present Day, Morning:
It’s going to be an energy pack day. Not because I have to exercise and hit the gym but it’s the first event that I am planning to witness where I had been a part of it from the beginning .It’s a super Dance & Music Show which will leave the audience spell bound.....
Some months back….
“Dad till My engineering results is out can I please work with some event company. I just love being into an energetic profile. Running here and there..Setting up stages.. co-coordinating and managing stuff!”
Dedda looks at me making a cunning frown, as his eyebrows joined his smile increased. He knew I wouldn’t settle for a NO and so there it was I joined a big event organization.
And so here I was… into this company’s office looking at the email from the Director, the email was marked to many of us- Get going guys… we ought to arrange for the best SHOW in the town..“The utmost favorite of the youth- A music concert”
I thought lest make the show peppier. Why not add dance to the Music concert.
Dance and music always go hand in hand.Agreed. but the challenge was- where to get the best of these combinations?
Need someone who is not only super talented in his respective field but also popular. Cause that is what is going to attract the crowd to the show. My mind started working …..Think, Think…..Think!!
Many names were suggested but the one that struck me was –“ Allu Arjun”. Who doesn’t know him. The stylist Allu Arjun. He is an Indian film actor known for his work in Telugu cinema.After playing as a kid artist in Vijetha and as a dancer in Daddy, His movie-ARYA made him a star. He became an icon amongst the youth.He is also a brand ambassador for many popular products including Colgate.
So here we have the super dancer but what about the vocalist. It’s a music and Dance show. So again we need someone with an electrifying energy to sizzle the crowd and who other than –“ Anushka Manchanda”
Not many would be knowing -Anushka Manchanda is not only a Playback singer but also songwriter, model, an ex--VJ (for Channel [V]) and was a member of the Indian pop girl group Viva!
If you haven’t heard yet... do try to get a ear of her powerful -"Bezubaan Phir Se"(from ABCD-2). She is just fantastic!
And so we were set. A concert where dance meets music and they together create history!!
The passes were out. We had tremendous feedback and response. Everything was sold out way before the concert day. 
Present Day, Evening
The show was incredible. Allu struck people’s heart with his moves while Anushka stole their hearts with her voice.
The entire stadium was full with people dancing. I am sure no one was sitting. Everyone was up to shake a leg and dance to the tunes.The entire aura was electrifying and super!

Just loved their performances which no one wanted to leave. Once more.. Once more.. was the only thing we could here :)

So all you guys.....Are you ready to ROCK!!!
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