Thursday, August 20, 2015

Painting my Home Canvas with Godrej Interio

Sipping coffee and gazing out of the window on a lovely rainy day! Wow nature is so beautiful. Currently placed on the ground floor, just thinking what would the scenery be from some 27th floor? Beautiful wouldn’t it be? I wish I can have my dream home some day!!!

A sudden tap on my shoulder, Turning back I just gasped………….

“Hi” a tiny some un- known creature waving at me!

Hand painted by me

“Hey Hi! But you scared me!! What on earth are you and what are you doing here?” I freaked out!

“I am the expert from the house of ‘Godrej Interio’ and I am here to help you and transform your house into your DREAM HOMEhe answered with the cutest of smile. “Well you can call me GIE J (Godrej Interio Expert)” he added.

Of course I did not believe what was happening. It was some kind of magic like A Jeanie coming out of an old Aladdin lamp J

GIE took hold of my hand and started walking saying “Let’s start with your living room, how you want it to be?”

Hmmm.. So you are not going to leave me.. Huh! Anyways what was the harm in exposing my dream ideas! I just thought.

So I started with the Living Room:

“The first abode where we land as soon as we enter our house. A living room is basically a sitting area with family and friends. Where we sit , relax, talk and just chill. It’s basically a non-private space of the house.

A guest as well as a new comer to my home is always welcome in the living room.

Would love to have brown sofas with turquoise combination of pillows. A corner table between 2 sofas to hold a land line phone, a vase and a small paper stand.

 A LCD on the opposite wall along with few glass shelves to hold the cable set up box and DVD player and few show items.

I don’t like much of show pieces as it kills the simplicity of the place. A few are fine which can really stand out and enhance the beauty of the place.

A low sitting area would just add to the perfect look. And a big carpet rug in the center where rests the coffee table which is of thick glass.

And last but not the least a beautiful painting painted by me on one of the walls (I love painting and have made couple of canvas stuff.)”

I also showed him some pics like below to have an idea.

PerfectGIE murmured to him and was happy that I narrated my dream drawing
“Alright now let’s turn to your kitchen”

I started for my Kitchen:

“The only word that comes to my mind is “ORGANISED”. As you can see currently I have many open shelves where in I have rested all the steel bowls but they get dusty and spoil the look of the kitchen.

Also I would love to have trolleys in the drawers as currently we do not have kitchen trolley drawer. They are regular drawers where it’s not very easy to take out stuff which has been stored behind.

Also the kitchen has to be painted with bright colors as it sets the perfect mood for cooking. The cabinets can be some bright pastel shade but the walls to be painted white or light shades.

I want to keep some kitchen decorative stuff in the kitchen to enhance its look

 “There are times when we just wash couple of vessels and keep it next to the sink, but the sink looks quite messy at times with the washed vessels kept there. I feel there should be some provision on the top of sink where in the water gets drained and the vessels are also hidden behind the cabinet doors.”

“Wow, that sounds cool” exclaimed GIE. He seemed to be quite impressed with my ideas J
“And I know you must be having special plans for your bedroom J so go on... Please share them “

Yes… Finally comes the bedroom d├ęcor. It’s my private space where I love to relax alone, share some private moments with my husband and 2 year old daughter. We all want our bedroom to be just like what we dream it to be. Cause this is the only space in the house which we call it our own J

We never say my living room or my kitchen or my balcony but we always say its “MY BEDROOM” J

“Let me tell you something GIE, since we stay at ground floor, we cannot have the sliding windows wide open so the light intensity is not that great. So would love to have light shades in the room which can illuminate it and make it look bright.

I guess shaded Windows would be the best option. Elegant and classy!! Some inspiration pic below:

I love beautiful curtains matching with the door mat, bed sheets and pillows. I love the CORAL shade. I have some idea in mind something like below:

Also one corner I want to dedicate to my daughter. A small bed for her and a shelf to keep her books and toys.

And now comes most important part. The WARDROBE!! A well organized and clean wardrobe is what we all desire. But it’s not always possible due to space crunch or wrong ideas. 
I feel if we divide the wardrobe perfectly than we can place all our stuff - well mannered

There should be place for everything- clothes, accessories, scarves, shoes, purses etc.
If there are sliding drawers than everything is in place and can be kept intact!

“Oh, you real have a nice taste” GIE winked at me. I smiled J

 “Alrite I have taken done my notes. Do you have anything else to add?” he was saying while typing things down a on a cute thin pad that he carried all the while.

Just make sure my balcony has a swing and my temple is bigger than the present one and marble made; which would carry all the deities.

"So now?? What??" I wondered.

He said just close your eyes and "Shaka laka boom boom" 

When I opened , my house was just the way i had dreamt of. GIE had transformed my home!!!Exactly the way I wanted!!! Was just gazing at the colorful walls and....

"Ting-Tong" rang the door bell, and it just pulled me out from one of my best day dreams ever!!!!

WOW.. What a dream. I really wish I can get some GIE some day to transform my house!!

The much known saying –“Home is where the heart is!”

And it’s as absolutely true as we all agree to it. We spend most of the years of our life at our home. So we all have dreams to have the best ideal house which welcomes us and makes us stress free!

My aspirations are not always big and lavish bungalows but a home where I can just connect and feel safe and closer to myself.

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