Monday, August 18, 2008


“Mom can you please tell this junglee to get out of my room n leave me alone!! He is troubling me...messing with my books and clothes!!!””
Junglees usually don’t dwell in human homes; but kid brothers do:). Well younger brothers I believe are the only specimens who are called by names of almost all animals on this planet. Strange but true!!!
Despite of all odds that he does I love my younger brother like crazy!!
Last week we celebrated ‘Rakshabandhan’ a unique way to express love between a brother and a sister.

Sisters tie a colored thread on their brother’s right wrist -‘Raksha’ (protection) conveying the message that her brother will protect her against all odds!! And she in turn receives gifts :)(that is the best part)
More than parents at times we are close to our Siblings…. All the good and bad things are open to them…
They are also our saviors from folks!! And lets not forget it doesn’t take much time for our house to turn into a WWF ring when there is a fight :)
I am very grateful that I am born on this land where we have such rich culture and customs that keep us bonded. We are still grown up with family values…..extreme love and concern for our brothers and sisters…. And lots n lots of sense of responsibilities... which is not very prominent in the Western Countries…

Thank You Lord!!
Bless You All!!!
-Jai Gurudev!!

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