Sunday, November 23, 2014

Play and Win!! Get lucky!!

My personal opinion on video games- time pass or rather waste of time. The moment you get hooked up to a video game you just don't want to leave it till you clear each stage and move higher.

So I personally don't play any games as it makes me forget all my work lined up for the day :)

But what if you play and win,you just don't clear a stage but earn amazing prizes that would just make your life more happy!!Luxurious Holidays and huge cash prizes to be won!!

Fat Cat Gaming comes up with such a concept -Lucky 6.

Installing the game was very easy.Just need to log in and start playing.

(P.S :Below are the snapshots taken from my own mobile after installing the app)

This is how you start :

1. Create a account,log in and select select six brands of their preference every day, a ticket     gets created under your account.

2. Check your score

3. If those six brands stocks perform the best for that day the gamer gets points and he is         the Lucky one!!.

4. Cherry on Icing-SHARE!!! Sharing with your friends increases your chances of winning.         And the best part is... even if they win, you still win!
    Since the game is so much fun and the jackpots so big, your friends will thank you for           turning them onto Fat Cat

This gaming app launches in India. India has the biggest youth population and who are more attracted to such mobile games and apps.India is would surely prove a good choice.

A business that can scale very easily... starting in India, then Latin America, China and beyond. An opportunity where potential return on investment is immense

This is surely a revolution!! Traditional lottery replaced by just few clicks on your mobile :)

I feel its really worth a try. As it is there is no loss involved!! A few selections and la you are done.


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