Monday, January 19, 2015

Laundry is not always my job!!

“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”

Its a very interesting campaign. We have some statistics below

I come under category of working women where I also believe I have 2 jobs. One at office and one at home.Apparently for Laundry I have a maid who washes our clothes.

But apart from washing, what to wash, colored clothes separate from white and light clothes and post washing send them for iron and other clothes to be kept in back at their place.

So laundry is indeed a task! So i have to be involved in the task, may be more strongly on weekends as weekdays is a tora-tora ride as I also have a 22 months old princess :)

But where did it all start. I guess we all have grown up watching our moms wash the clothes or at least be a part of this washing in case the maid washes it. And similarly all the boys have in built the same picture in their minds. They would just not believe that they need to wash clothes.
Its not the case globally. Most places abroad work on the concept of coin laundry machines. Where machines are all lined up, you put in coin and it starts washing your clothes. You will till it gets washed and dried. A sneak peek at such places and you are surely to see a mix crowd. Men and women both waiting for the laundry to get over.

The statistics clearly show us that men rely on women for washing clothes.
Its a high time that we need to break such myths that Laundry is just not Men’s cup of tea.

Than if we go by above statistics, have a look at below picture.Why do we have DHOBIS and not a DHOBI-WALI. We have all men at work in a dhobi ghat. Is it because doing so, they run their houses. Its a mean of livelihood for them. Than why not at home?

Why do men feel ashamed when asked to wash clothes. So is the Indian culture. Where they have pre defined roles for both the genders. MEN to go out and earn. Women to stay at home and finish all the household chores.

But times have changed, Women has also started going out to earn to support her man and have a better life and raise kids and build their better future.So that means the job of earning has almost got divided.

Than why not divide the job at home? But guess that's how Indian men have grown up.Men totally depend on women for their laundry. Below video by Ariel is a perfect example of this.

I am lucky to have a husband who does not believe that I am only responsible for laundry and he readily helps in all the washing and even our baby’s clothes or nappies!!

I completely believe that Laundry is not woman’s job alone!!



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