Friday, January 30, 2015

Journey from OR to AND

Going back to my Engineering Electronics class.The AND OR GATE. The logic that applies to both of them is different and so it gives different outputs.
Didn't know at that time that such logics would be endeavoured in real life.

Life is always full of choices. A basket full of AND,OR logic Gates. :) And trust me its not always easy as a “0” or “1” as an input or output.

Some 22 months back my short bio data would be read as below:

Status: Married
Qualification:  Computer Engineer along with MBA in IT & Systems.
Profile: 9 years of rich IT experience.
No of Children : 1 (just born)
Problem : Choose the OR gate or AND gate.
Reason : No one to take care of the baby and heart is not in favor of DAY CARE.

Well a very common and the most difficult situation faced by most of the working class ladies today.
What to do after baby?Should I continue to work or not.

I could take care of the baby OR continue my work.

I could find some alternative AND continue my work.

My OR,AND situation:

Either I could be a good mother OR a good IT professional.

I thought: Why couldn't I be a good mother AND a good IR professional.

I preferred the AND and made a choice. Did Not compromise on any 1. but battled for both.

Most of the working women leave their kids home with in laws.My mother-in-law passed away some 4 years back and my father in law is working.So that option was ruled out.
I stay at Mumbai-Sion. My mom’s house is Vile parle. Some 12 kms apart. I work at Andheri sakinaka.Some 7 odd km from my mom’s place.
So here was the choice. I need to travel all these kms in order to survive my working career and also give a homely feeling to my little one.
Maternity leaves get over in 6 months. And so here I take a deep breath and pick my bag and kid to drop her at my mom’s place. After that I leave for my office.
The return journey is the same. Pick her up and head back to sion. Phew!! What a day!!
And this continues for 5 days a week.Imagine :)
But I survived. Yes i did! And I thank my stars for it. My daughter is 22 months old now and completely used to travelling and enjoying her stay at Nani’s house in day time and is excited to meet her dad and grandpa at night.

I wasn't very comfortable dropping her with maid or any day care centre. Not to doubt or comment that they are not good options. But my heart refused to do so.I am grateful to my mom who has helped me in every phase of my life and also today during the most difficult situation.
She didn't want my education to just go down the drain and wanted me to continue my work and be independent and confident always.

A woman always gets lot of tough choices in her life span. Her choices are always the riskier, difficult and life changing events. But she survives. She always turns out to be a winner.
Just because she has all the faith in herself.She proves to be a super hero always; be it --
A daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law,a mother!!!

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