Friday, December 5, 2014

Book Review-"God is a Gamer"

When I got this book, I wasn’t too keen to read it, I had never read a thriller novel by an Indian writer and been extremely content at the end. Nor had I read any of Ravi Subramanian’s other books which would have probably made me aware of his writing style.

This book is focused around the idea of Bitcoins, the virtual currency in the online world. Coupled with a series of interwoven plots of gaming industry, a Bank (He is a finance guy J), A US Senator and some aspects from the criminal world, God is a Banker keeps you glued to the plot. I finished God is a Gamer much sooner than I had assumed.

All I knew about the book was that it revolved around the virtual world of ‘bitcoins’ and was the first book to do so. Looking at the book and the back cover synopsis, it was not very clear what the story is about, although the tagline ‘Is revenge a crime?’ build up the curiosity and eagerness to read about the crimes and revenges.

There were a few places in the beginning when I felt there were too many characters in too many sub-stories being thrown out at the reader at the same time and had to go back a couple of times to check who was who. Well this could be avoided if you read it at a stretchJ

What I particularly liked about the writing style was that Subramanian has not just made mere mentions of real people, place, institution and corporate names including the US President, but has researched them carefully and has written about them in detail. Nothing seems to be forcefully present. While reading the book you clearly have the sense that it has not been written by someone who is well-experienced and knows lot of stuff from the finance perspective. And how such things happen behind the scenes.

There is also love story involved and few love making scenes. But not sure were they really required to move the plot ahead. Maybe some things you have in corporate. Just to make it more interesting to the readers.

Not much details are mentioned on what is bit coin mining- How does new bit coins come into system, how to buy them from real cash or how to convert bit coin back to real currency

All said and done, it’s a quite interesting thriller and a recommend book for all!!

Signed copy sent by blogadda...loved it!!!

Title: God is a Gamer
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publishers: Penguin
ISBN: 978-0-143-42139-9
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 309
MRP: Rs 299

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