Monday, December 15, 2014

Road Safety Annual Meet-2014

Introduction of members
NSDF –A brief Introduction
2015 Resolutions
The final Word

Lets began…..
The round table conference is all set. Members are here to give their introduction and start the meeting:
Hello All! I am the most popular seat belt. When we talk about road safety, we talk about cars and drivers. No driver should start the car before wearing me. It’s a Golden rule!!
But most of the people take advantage of secluded places where they cannot be encountered by traffic cops and ignore using me. But nah nah.. don’t do that.

Don’t you wear a waist belt if your jeans I lose? Just to avoid the embarrassment that it might start lowering in public :)

Then why can’t you wear a seat belt while driving just to avoid the accidents and safeguard your own precious life.

It takes only a few seconds to buckle up once you get in the car. Why wouldn’t you?

Hello everyone!! It’s me the Helmet.. I protect the most important part of your body-The Brain!!
X% of the accidents today occurs due to rash driving of motorbikes. Motorbikes themselves are not completely safe since your body is exposed to external vehicles and you might lose balancing due to road and weather conditions.

If you happen to gobble from your bike wearing me, you might just land up having few bruises on your body and recover soon. Since your head was safe. Image yourself bumping into a heavy vehicle of concrete wall without head protection.

If you are bald and fond of hair.. What would you do? Won’t you wear a wig? Especially you will never forget your wig while attending your parties and functions. Then why not me?
You like to hide your skull in public but you don’t safeguard your skull in public!!
Traffic Signal
Hello beautiful people!! It’s me-the tricolour gadget, stamped on almost every corner of the road.
Imagine your roads without me. All would want to go in all directions and bump into each other. Total chaos and no sense of driving and no discipline.
Well I enforce discipline in your driving. So follow me dude or see a traffic cop following you J
Breaking a signal is not only a crime but you would also land up in a situation where you can be bumped by vehicles coming from different directions since they would not expect any one breaking the signal.
As a boyfriend -Wont you wait for your love mate to signal you (when their house is empty) or would you just bump into her home and find her father opening the door for you!! JJ
I not only signal the vehicles’ but also the pedestrians when to move. Please do not cross when I show a stop person signal. This means there are vehicles moving and it’s still time for you to cross the road.
Foot Path
A warm hello from me!!! I am a close friend of pedestrians. I am their safe zone. If they use me its a guarantee they would not meet any accidents on the road!
Sign Board
Hello people!! Please stop by and have a look. That's all I have to say. I don't need any introduction, my signs say it all. Follow them properly and you are surely on the safe path
Zebra Crossing
No no , Zebra is not crossing the road, it my name Zebra crossing- I look like zebra. Black & white stripes you see :)
When the signal goes you a green go, walk over me to avoid accidents.

The Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., conducts the Nissan Safety Driving Forum (NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion activities. The program began as an annual activity in 2012. In its initial phase it covered three main Indian cities – New Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – and since then has gradually expanded to several additional cities across India.
This year, NSDF would reach 8 new cities – Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Jaipur, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Mangalore and Kochi. The overall reach and engagement levels have phenomenally grown and NSDF has effectively reached close to 2 lakh citizens. It continues to stay committed to its core objective of promoting safe driving behaviour in India.
Compared to the previous year, NSDF has witnessed an impressive 126% growth in the sensitisation of wearing seatbelts. In addition, NSDF also conducts live simulated experiences to understand how safety features function through a simulated car crash. A 360-degree turn over highlights the use of seatbelts, while sessions on road safety emphasises on road etiquette to stay safe.
Under its Blue Citizenship CSR umbrella, NSDF by Nissan works to build awareness of safe driving in India. NSDF encourages drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts, and participants learn through interactive activities the importance of wearing seatbelts.

Nissan seeks to support reducing fatalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents, and NSDF represents the company's commitment in contributing to young, vibrant and mobile India.
Resolution  2015 :
Don't Drink and Drive!!!
Say  No to mobile while driving
The Final Word!!!
You life is precious. Safe guard it!!!
This blog is written for Indiblogger in association with NISSAN
Happy Driving, Safe Walking.


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