Tuesday, December 16, 2014


"Oh God why do I have to shave everyday L gets so boring” these are the common words I have always been hearing from my brother and they continue to be audible from my hubby too.
But yet they land up shaving!! I believe they all prone to the clean shaved face which they love to carry and flaunt!!
Personally I also feel a clean shaved face gives you a fresh look and also shines your personality.
If you are blessed with dimples, a clean shave face would portray them more prominently!!
In my opinion, the stubble is generally associated to the gloomy side of a person. I maybe wrong, as many guys flaunt the stubble tagging themselves to be dude and YO personality. But in my college days a friend with a stubble is always designated as DEVDAS-- “Kya Devdas banke baitha hai.. dadhi kyu nahi kiya J” (Why are you staying like a heart broken lover, why haven’t you shaved J)
An opportunity missed!
If it’s an interview for MNC and you just enter the interview room with stubble. It’s certain the interviewer panel doesn’t frame a very great first impression about you. Despite of a friend being present in the panel things won’t favor you dude!!
This situation is what my brother dealt some months back. Due to some rashes on his face he could not shave and he missed to crack the interview.

-Sketched by me
Love is in the AIR!!
sketched by me
Girl + Boy è Friendship
Girlfriend + Boyfriendè Love!!!
Girl parents + Boyfriend == First Meet =èTension J
But a tucked- in shirt along with a clean shave can work wonders JJ
That’s what happened when my Mr. Hubby was called at my pace for first time by my Dad!!
A clean face surely marks a good impression and gets you a tag of neat and tidy. (At least on the look front. No one knows how clean your room or drawers would beJ)
On a personal view: Guys with clean shaven face surely look more charming and become stars at any party or functions. So all you lads out there pick the razor up and do –Satatsat J

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