Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happiness... In small things!!

Everyone has their own definition for happiness. I feel happiness is the supreme state of mind where your heart and mind both are at peace without any stress.

Happiness is not always luxury or money related. Happiness can be found in small small things around us. And in fact these small things gives us the best of reasons to smile and cherish our life!

There are many such things which bring smile to my face. Listed below are just few of them.

Every beautiful day brings along with it a reason to smile, a reason to rejoice. A reason to be Happy!

Happiness for me is doing what I love: Painting and craft. From childhood I am very much inclined towards creativity. When I sit to paint I just miss to look at the watch. I can sit for hours with my color palette:)

Drawing and painting just takes me to a different level. Its like meditation. Going deep within forgetting the external world.

Happiness for me is loads of smiles. They happen to just keep coming when I am with my best of people. My family my friends my cousins!!! Being together is one of the best feeling. Togetherness spreads love and happiness. My family is my biggest support system and also my best wisher. I can just be myself with family and friends.

Happiness for me is playing with my 2 year old angel! She is my best gift from God. Since I am a working momma i just love spending my weekends with her. Her innocent smile is just so contagious you just cannot escape. When she is with me I forget all my personal stress and tensions. Its just her! All the priorities collapse in front of her. Her happiness is my happiness.


Happiness for me is helping people. Service to mankind is service to God. Its so true. When you serve needy people it just feels you are getting closer to the Almighty! I feel a different pleasure in helping other. When their work is done with my support and the blessings that they shower are just priceless.

Happiness for me is to dance and listen to music. Dancing is just the best stress buster. I am a trained classical dancer but can just enjoy myself with any dance forms :)

Happiness is Dancing in rain! Just leave the shoes and raincoats away and enjoy the rains just as the kids do!

Happiness to me is cooking food for others and serving them with love. My husband being a foodie inspired me to try out new dishes and he just waits what I shall prepare next!

Cooking is surely an art. But I enjoy cooking so its never a task for me.

Check out dose of refreshment :

Stay Happy Guys!

Ruchita :)


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