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Choose to start..choose to explore the world!!

Priya gets up. It’s not a usual Monday morning. Today is going to be her first day at her new job. Her first job of life. She completed her Engineering and has joined a Multinational IT firm. She was super excited as well as nervous from past one week.

 While brushing her teeth she walks towards her dining table to grab the newspaper, her usual activity as she drags the paper away from the table, a shining box awaits her glare. Well a very cute box neatly gift packed with a small tag:

“To my lovely daughter for her first job :)”

With super excitement she unwraps her gift and her happiness was at peak to see a new smart cell phone.

Her first smart phone- It was a MOTO -E
She just hugs her dad with tears in her eyes. “Dad but why such an expensive gift, its ok I was happy with…”

Her dad cuts her in between, “Sweetheart it’s not very expensive. With minimal budget I have tried to bring you the best! Go enjoy a new world!”

The best part of MOTO-e is its affordable range. The phone ranges from –Rs 6999 onwards in India.

 With her enthusiasm Priya gets ready for her day- Her new MOTO-e just fits in her hand perfectly and leaves for her work. Priya chooses to start a new beginning.

The Moto E (2nd Gen) has a plastic body that feels solid and a curved back that rests nicely in your hand. Motorola also has beautiful edge design giving a place to rest our finger during phone calls
Its lovely compact design of 4.5 inches screen size easily fits into her hand and pocket, making it travel friendly

“Auto” she waves an autowala and gets in guiding him to take her to the metro station. On her way she installs all the apps that she had heard of which are supported by android. She wanted to get connected with friends with all the possible networking sites.

 As she was interested in art and drawing she installed apps which helped her to practice all this without using pencil and colors.
And of course who is not a Candy crush fan:)

 Priya chooses to start exploring the whole new android and play store world!

 My Moto E (2nd Gen) came preloaded with Android 5.0.2 with amazing customized UI for better user experience
Powering the new Moto E (2nd Gen.) is the combination of a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor and 1GB of RAM which makes her love for gaming more maddening having quality graphics and good 3D pictures.

She reaches her workplace and is asked to wait in the break out area. Coffee machines are installed for killing the time ( she rests the phone on the table and sips her coffee.
Comic-coffee n friends

“Hey that’s a pretty smart phone girl. You seemed to be a new joinee?” Priya turns to find couple of gals dressed in formal attire with coffee mugs in their hands. They all were attracted to Priya’s smart white phone.

“Yep it is! My dad has gifted me” Priya smirks.

“Lucky gal! By the way- I am Roshni, she is Puja and she is Devika, We usually hang around together. Why don’t you join us for coffee?”

Priya has new friends within 5 minutes. Her first friends at work. Her phone spoke for her:)

 After a while Priya enters the conference room where she gets introduced to her HR and Manager. She is told about the company ethics and culture and also some briefing about her project. She had realized about a new feature of her first phone and turns her phone silent. Priya chooses to start using the Motorola Assist features

 My Moto E (2nd Gen) came preloaded with Android 5.0.2 with amazing customized UI for better user experience. Motorola does include its custom Moto app that offers Moto Assist, which can automatically silence the phone during sleeping hours and during meetings, it also allows to send auto-replies to missed calls from your favorite contacts.
Motorola Assist recognizes when you shouldn’t be bothered

Priya chooses to start using the MOTO e camera and click some smart selfies with her new friends during the lunch time.

 MOTO E display has good resolution (960×540) and Colors look accurate with perfect  viewing angles. With a 5MP camera with 2592 х 1944 pixels output of picture taken through MOTO E is as good as any high end cameras

 There’s also Moto Actions that can activate the camera from anywhere just by twisting your wrist a couple of times. This works even when the screen is off, and while the camera takes a second to start up, the feature still gets you ready to take a shot pretty quickly.

While working she heard someone mumbling and passing by her workstation
“Oh God where have these guys shifted the charging stand. My battery is almost drained out”.
Priya unlocks her MOTO-e peeps on her home screen. It said 45% remaining 

 Most important part of any smart phone is its battery life and MOTO E has powerful battery of 2390mAh that last’s really long
An all-day battery lets you go farther and longer without stopping to recharge

Priya has a habit of dropping things often. And her first MOTO e was no exception:)

 What shall I say about its IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, it’s a boon for person who easily tends to drop the phone on the ground? IPS screen protects itself from damages, scratches and also withstand screen cracking due to medium impacts with floor or rough surfaces.
The sharpest display in its class. Protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a water-resistant splash guard. Doesn’t let the fear of everyday scratches and splashes stand in your way.

By this time Priya was sure she had the best new smart phone in her hand with which she can choose to start exploring the world in a smarter way.
Well that’s our Priya, who is smart independent and in par with technology. Lets wish her the very best forever!!!

In this busy and  fast moving world I never felt the need for any smart phone and was very satisfied with non-smart phone considering my needs, but off late I strongly realized my view were not true and the need for smart phone is must. Every hangout places are now Wi-Fi enabled and people around me use this facility to best possible extent during our outing. Places and reviews are read online over smart phone and our hangout place is decided. For travelling Google maps are used which are again available on smart phone and we reach the destination without any slippage of time in finding the route.

Apart from above mentioned there are lot more great advantages like banking, funds transfer on the go, E-shopping, Gaming, clicking photos and creating videos of all memorable moments at the go and sharing, storage of data and keeping it safe with drop boxes makes Smart phone most versatile device a common man can have. To make use of above facilities one needs to choose the best smart phone @ reasonable price available in market to cater our common needs such as speed and performance and MOTO E stands out of rest of the competitors considering above points.



 With MOTO E one of best smart phone, is no longer a luxury but is now within reach of common man and makes it part of basic necessities required for modern Gadget Era. Having MOTO E reminds of me of my first abroad visit where I felt on top of the world. I felt rich and there was sense of pride inside me and same is the feeling which I am going through having MOTO E (2nd Generation) in my hand.

I would chose all the above mentioned features which Priya has experienced and apart from that would also love to use my first smart phone for: alarms and reminder, prepare notes, grocery list, check emails and make video calls.

 #choosetostart exploring this website: 

Comic credits: Bitstrips App
MOTO E Images: Google and PICCOLLAGE App
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