Friday, March 6, 2015

Optimism: Glass is never half empty, It is always half full!!

Its not an easy job to keep your little baby with your parents and go to work.Well its what almost many of us in a metro go throught. When both husband and wife re IT professionals there is not much room for the mother to quit the job and stay at home.
Its not always about career. but let us also consider the economy chart. Prices are hiking everyday and have reached heights.Not easy to raise children I say.Sometimes life is so sad you just want to quit your work, your life and stay alone and not face any challenges.

To keep my daughter at my mom's house i travel 12 km everyday from home. Drop her and travel 6 km again to work. And same path while return in evening. Many days life feels so stressed out.

What happens when I get back home tired,stressed and just not fine.My 2 year daughter looks at me entering the house and screams” Mom is back! mom is back!”
Imagine the happiness she has. For she knows I go to work for almost 8-9 hours leaving her with 2 hours of her play school and rest of the time with her grandma that my mother.

All my stress just vapourises.I feel like coming to life again with same enthusiasm and high spirits that I can sense in my daughter. He face full of innocence and her arms hugging me..full of love and compassion!!

This moment, this very moment, my optimism is at its highest peak!!
The quality time that I spend with her just make me forget my office worries or any other tensions running in my brain.
Life just seems so beautiful!!

Weekends are the what I and my husband wait for. Not only its a break from work but its a bonding time with our lil daughter.
I enjoying being with her whole day. Her innocence at looking at bubbles during bath time, the questions about birds that keep chirping, the color of the street dogs and what not.

These all special moments are just amazing to cherish.Her laughter her voice and her small hugs are just so pure form of love. It makes you believe in Love God and the creator.
Its so true, a child just fills the house with so much positivity and pure vibes. SInce they are the most purest creatures of God.

When she doesn't see me around for quite a time. She starts hunting the house”mama, mama, where are you”Who would not like someone caring for you so much that can't stay without you.

Saturday evenings are -park time or play time.It just gives me super pleasire to watch her and her daday play in the park. Play peek a boo. Run after each other trying to catch.She wants her daddy to raise her high above and than hold her She is so confident that my father wlll not drop me.
My family completes me. I feel my optimism just comes from being with them. Cherishing all small small things may be an -ice cream or a candy floss. :)

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Happy Living, Be positive:

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