Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Far East Food Hub!!!

Had a super experience while I was in Singapore last year. Had visited my friends.

Had been to Clarke Quay  where there was a food fair.

It is considered one of the happening places in Singapore and specially during weekends with ..pubs..rides..and there are restaurants around the lake..awesome place

Well although I am a vegetarian had friends with us who were sea food lovers. So had been to-Jumbo Sea food which is a famous restaurant here..
They all hogged on chilli crab which is the specialty of that place..

Image credit: google.

famous singapore laksa

A very different experience at Marche. The theme out here is Market Place as it looks like a market. You need to go to individual counters, pick your stuff and pay.
Swiss Rosti is very famous here. It’s a potato item.

Beautiful Sushi.....

 Image credits: Digi cam of my Lovely friend Novena


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