Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Zuper Saturday!!

Kai” –is this Chinese or Japanese? Well this is how they welcome you when you enter Kidzania. It’s their way of saying “Hi” or “Hello”
What is Kidzania? It’s a world for kids

KidZania is a privately held Mexican company. KidZania is a Mexican chain of family entertainment centers currently operating in 16 locations allowing children to work in adult jobs and earn currency
Citizens of KidZania are called KidZanians. They are comprised of kids aged from 4 to 17 who play key roles in the day-to-day operation of KidZania through the city’s work program. Each job allows KidZanians to learn, earn and better understand how various industries work together to form a functioning economy.

Blogadda invited me to have a day spent at Kidzania with my daughter-Nishka. Although the place is more apt for kids above 4 years but still my daughter had a ball of time.

Below pics will explain more about Kidzania.

The coca-cola factory

The check in stage

My little Picasso :)

Nishka was in the toddler category so she could do toddler activities.

Well imagine your kid shopping at big bazaar :) well she did pick up few vegetables and fruits.


And some manicure at the salon

The Fireman truck was the attraction which went ringing in the entire city. The fire fighters are first trained and explained everything regarding safety from fire. Than they are taken in the truck to extinguish the fire :)


And of course she earned kidZos (KidZania has its own currency. Paper currency is called “kidZos” and coins are called “Zents.” Citizens of the city and its tourists use this money to purchase goods and services at every KidZania location throughout the world.) While performing some activities:

My little DHL courier agent. She successfully picked up parcels from 3 places in 12 minutes :)

And then she participated in fashion show also (unfortunely don’t have pics) where she earned 8 kidZos.
Had an amazing experience.... Thanks to Blogadda and Kidzania

And finally.....The certificate

 “This post is a part of the KidZania bloggers meet activity conducted by BlogAdda and KidZania



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