Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bold Steps,Bold Results!!

Owning a car nowadays is not uncommon. There were times it was considered as a luxury. But definitely it is still a luxury for many few. Year- 2010, Got married to my best friend in May. Married life was not smooth. Not that we both had issues but my mother in law was fighting cancer. Yes she was diagnosed with brain tumor in April same year. By the time it was August we had exhausted almost all our savings in her treatment and the earned salary was also not saved. Chemotherapies and radiations not only tear the patient apart but also your pockets.
Due to brain area being affected she was losing her strength to think rational. She always wanted to go out of the house. How is it possible always? In sun, rain, traffic to take a cancer patient out and make her roam. A bold decision had to be made- to buy a car. We knew we didn’t have that much money. EMI’s would not be an easy task. But not that we had to but we wanted to do it. For our mother!

There were many doctors’ bills which were pending. Every chemo demanded 30k and there were quite a few cycles. Homeopathy, Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Reiki and touch therapies. We were doing it all. We wanted her to be with us. How can we see her dying? How can we let her die? We took all the bold steps required to treat her and give her happiness.

She was dying and we wanted to fulfill all her wishes. I was planning to quit my job and stay at home to take care of her. But with the bold move of buying a car changed our minds.ofcourse car-loans are a boon. But we also have to repay the bank every month. But we decided that we will somehow manage. I changed my job. Took up a better job. It was far from home but paid me well. Had a tough time managing home, Mother in Law and work.

But as we say a bold step is not always easy. And that is the reason it is called BOLD. We need lot of guts to face the consequences. Be it good or bad.
We bought a brand new blue WagonR. And needless to say the happiness we saw on her face was priceless.

This car not only brought a big change in our life but also fulfilled on of the dreams of my mother in law to have a brand new car and enjoy the city rides. Reading this some of you may feel that buying a car is not a big deal these days. But where every penny counts it surely does matter!

Every weekend we used to take her to some religious places in and around Mumbai. She could enjoy the peaceful ride without getting exposed to heat or noise pollution. She was very delighted. And so were we.
Trust me a bold step taken for someone else always gives immense pleasure and contentment.Life is all about giving. What you give comes back to you. 10 times multiplied:)


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