Monday, March 16, 2015

Together we will just sail through….

Year 2009 was not a great year for IT. Layoffs and non- retentions. That’s all we could hear. Sticking to your existing job was not easy. Every where the atmosphere seemed tense. You never know what will happen when?

It was February 2009 and I was getting married in May same year. Excitement was in the air! Was getting married to a close friend. We worked for same IT firm. Knew each other from almost a year and with agreements from parents we were about to tie knots in few months.

An email enters my inbox one Monday afternoon. Subject-“Kindly assemble in the Conference Hall by evening 6:30pm”. Well it was not a new subject line. This was the third time these kinds of emails were circulated in the company. And the reason being loss in the IT industry. Had come to know from sources the earlier crowd that had gathered was informed that their salary would be reduced to half and they need to work only 15 days in a month. So a fair deal actually, you work for half month and you get half salary! But who wants that?

My watery eyes glued to my monitor. Why me? Yes this is the question we always ask GOD when we are in trouble. I just didn’t understand what to do next. How to react? Just wanted to cry.

I pinged my would be hubby and demanded to meet ASAP. Well being in same office that’s not toughJWe were just few floors away. The moment he saw the email. He understood it all. He just signaled me to move out of office. In next few minutes we were in his car and drove towards the beach side.

Till we reached there I was not able to speak a word. But he made me understand it’s not a big deal and it’s not the end of the world! Life is so beautiful and we all get chances.
He said-“Be positive and optimistic -at least the job is secured. It’s just the salary that has reduced. But look at the sunny side- you just need to go to work for 15 days. Rest 15 days if the month you can utilize to find a new job or shop for our wedding” (Well that sounded interesting:)), you can spend more time with your family before your wedding. With office you just get the weekends. Now you can be with your mom and cherish these memories later”

Well few sentences, but quite practical. Brought a small smile on my face :)
Juhu beach is our favorite place. Just sitting on the sand and watch the waves come and settle at the shore. Wow! What a sight. He cracked all kinds of funny jokes and revisited out memories to make me smile and forget my tears.

Of course we had my favorite Gola (Gola is the crushed ice lollipop dipped in sweet flavored syrups. Quite famous in Western part of India)
What would I be doing if I was alone? Would be just sitting in a corner sobbing and cursing fate. But Ankit (My husband) changed my outlook towards what comes in your way. He believes in total optimism. A practical living. Life is not always a piece of cake. But we can definitely survive without cakes J

Just being #together helped me cope up with the monetary loss that I wasn’t ready to accept easily.Family and loved ones are just not replaceable. I wonder what would we do without their love and support.

Within a week Ankit scanned all his contacts and scheduled interviews for me at multiple places! Wasn’t that super?
And worth mentioning. I got a job in another month:)

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Cheers- stay together!


Shylaa Shree said...

Ruchita - happy to read this post. You both always stay blessed

Astro said...

Hope they Stay together! :) Inspiring

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